Our Philosophy

Despite what your banker may tell you, your health is your most valuable resource. The enjoyment of good health is often a condition for enjoying the other good things in life. Increasingly, people are becoming better informed and more proactive about their healthcare. At Claim Your Health, we endorse this trend. We want to be your partner in your quest for optimal health. Claim Your Health is the result of collaboration between Lenworth Ellis, MD MPH, an internal Medicine and Occupational Health physician and his wife, Hyacinth Ellis, a registered nurse. Together, they operate Ellis Medical Center LLC, located in Bloomfield, CT. Although they find taking care of patients to be extremely satisfying, they recognized the limitations of an office based solo practice. They recognized that there were many individuals who require reliable information and guidance to assist in maximizing their healthcare but who could not benefit from their clinical services because of their distance from the practice. They also recognized that many primary care physicians and specialists are also so busy with trying to run their practices, that they rarely have the time to sit down to explain basic health issues to their patients. With Claim Your health, we aim to change that mindset. We want to empower you to assume more responsibility for your health in a dynamic, interactive environment. We want you to be more proactive in seeking accurate and reliable health information and we want you to be prepared to make the necessary changes to optimize your health. So go ahead-claim your health-today!